28 APRIL, 2017

8 clever ways to use leftovers

Fresh salad

Refresh green vegetables (rocket, kale, lettuce) and herbs by soaking them in ice cold water for 5 minutes. Dry them and transfer to a bowl and then prepare your salad.

Perfect croutons from stale bread

You can have perfect homemade croutons by slicing in cubes a two-days-old bread and baking it in the oven at 200C for 10 minutes.

Bake vegetables

If there are many vegetables left in the refrigerator that are about to be thrown away, put them in the oven along with some meat (eg chicken) and you will have a super delicious main course.

All turns into soufflé

Save vegetables, eggs, bread, pitas and anything left in the fridge and the pantry by putting them all together along with shredded cheese in a baking dish and get a delicious soufflé.

Banana cake and banana bread

Bananas that start to turn out brown are sweeter, therefore more appropriate for baking and refreshing smoothies.

Homemade dressing

Mustard and mayonnaise that are about to end can make a perfect homemade vinaigrette. Add some olive oil, vinegar, spices and herbs, close the lid, shake vigorously and the dressing is ready!

Store food in the fridge the right way

Meat and cold cuts: lower drawers
Dairy and eggs: put at main shelves, not at the door
Leafy vegetables and fruit: lower drawers
Refreshments: at the door’s shelves

Freeze everything

Keep portions of pasta sauce, pesto, sliced herbs (in olive oil) in an icebox. Add them straight away in the pan whenever you need them for soups, pasta and sautéing.

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